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A patent is a grant given by a government that confers upon the creator of an invention the right to exclude others from making, using and selling that invention for a set period of time. The invention can be a new product or a new method for doing something that solves a problem.

Patent services include:

  • Original drafting of patent specifications
  • Filing and prosecuting patent applications
  • Maintaining issued patents
  • International patent prosecution

Areas of Practice:

  • Electronics
    Semiconductors, computer hardware, digital signal processing, semiconductor processing and packaging, communications, etc
  • Information Technology
    Computer networks, image/data processing, character and speech recognition, etc
  • Engineering
    Chemical, electrical, mechanical, electromechanical and biomedical, comprising communications, composite structures, hydraulics, bio-engineering, surgical instruments, vision and robotics, optics, heat transfer, material processing, manufacturing processes, compressors, etc
  • Chemical and Biological Sciences
    Chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology and molecular biology, life science, pharmaceuticals, etc